Our facility is large, inclusively designed, and ready for use

We want to share it with you.


Rental Information

  •  Rent a private office $350/month for approximately 150 square feet

  •  Use our shared 600 square foot shared art studio space fully stocked with art supplies and kid-friendly furniture is available for monthly rent of $1,000/month. Rent it for art fundraisers or weekend events at $35/hour.

  • 13,000 square foot gym space fully outfitted and kid-friendly available for monthly rent by the professionals in the local community. Flat monthly rate of $2,500 for open use 2:00pm-6:00pm daily and 9am-5pm weekends. Feel free to run individual sessions, group sessions, and workshops. You're welcome to store your equipment/materials onsite or use our (many) resources available for the community. Hourly rental $60/hr 

    • OTs,

    • PTs,

    • social group facilitators,

    • fun afterschool programs,

    • sports teachers,

    • and other wonderful people doing interesting things are welcome to reach out.

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  • Meeting space in large resource lounge for staff trainings, workshops, and meetings available $30/hr.

  • Conference and performance rental available for $750 for full day use of large auditorium/gym space. 

  • FREE use of classroom + gym space on Sundays for anyone providing a program or service for the inclusive community.