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A leading expert on inclusion and accessibility, we use data analytics to inform optimal learning environments for schools, businesses, and homes around the world.



Developing kind hearted, hard working and fun loving citizens for the world.


"A community that excludes even one of its members is no community at all."

We are a 501 (C) (3) inclusive school with small classrooms, adapted curriculum, innovative technology, and a BIG emphasis on enrichment activities


Open Mind School

To cultivate the learning of a diverse student population, OMS makes curriculum for different learners accessible. We apply a multi-sensory, project based curriculum that aligns with California state content standards. The curriculum emphasizes enrichment activities and technology as the link binding all learners together. Our high adult-to-child ratio allows for program individualization and appropriate social facilitation. Open Mind’s trans-disciplinary model allows varying specialists to train staff on best practice interventions pertaining to their field. We closely track progress and apply research from current neuroscience and educationally-based procedures.

Open Mind

Social Innovation Lab

We are a data driven user-experience design lab which specializes incubating accessibility based projects. Placed within our k-12 inclusion school,  projects have access to a diverse group of students practiced in giving valuable feedback and contributions. 

Open Mind Center for Brain & Behavior

We provide an inclusive environment with a focus on meeting the needs of each individual student in homes, community programs, and supporting schools and organizations on accessibility and inclusive environment building.

Bay Area Specialfit

Special-Fit is based on principles of human movement, human capacity, and physical literacy while taking into consideration individual differences. This includes differences in age, physical thresholds, neurological diversity, behavioral challenges, socio-emotional development, communication and learning styles, motivation, and everything else that makes us unique as human beings.


Students are instinctual learners, and we encourage their leadership and partnership in their educational journey. Learning guides in the classrooms strive to support and challenge student learning in inclusive and innovative learning opportunities.







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*Weekend Recreation: Drop in play and birthday party rentals available to the community.

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