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Open Mind School provides educational, therapeutic, and social programs tailored to individual learning styles. Read more about some of OMS's classes here.


Students practice and improve their reading skills in fiction and nonfiction, focusing on comprehension and critical thinking.


Students create a variety of art projects, from 2D creations to inventive collages and seasonally-themed objects. 


Students strengthen their voices as writers, improve expressive skills, and write creatively and passionately about topics they care about. 


Students learn a foreign language, acquiring effective communication skills and understanding of different cultures.


Students develop the art of public speaking, gain confidence and learn how to better communicate their thoughts and ideas.


Students cook up the delicious flavors of various international cuisines while focusing on safe cooking techniques and healthy nutrition.


Students gain skills in logical inquiry and reasoning through project-based investigations into the natural sciences.


Students build foundational knowledge of mathematics and advance to applied topics like data literacy and real-world applications.


Students dive into the past, exploring history through diverse and critical lenses and discussing its impact on present societies and cultures.


Students play instruments, practicing rhythm and fine motor skills, and listen to, interpret, and appreciate a variety of musical genres and composers.


Students move towards personal goals in functional fitness, sensory processing, and health and wellness, aided by fitness experts and occupational therapists.


Students stretch their minds and bodies through a combination of poses, breathing, and deep relaxation, promoting body awareness and concentration.

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