If you still have questions, please reach out.

What is the eligibility and application process?

Students must be between the ages of 3 years old and 21 years old to apply to OMS. We accept and review applications for new students on a rolling basis throughout the year. August, January, and May are common entry start dates for new students.The number of openings varies depending on the number of students enrolled in the classroom. To get started please visit the ENROLL tab under school.

What is the tuition or payment structure?

Open Mind School annual tuition is $40,000 for a 12-month year-round school program that is approximately 6 hours a day. Additional support services can be added to the basic tuition cost such as speech therapy, gifted student tutor, social skills coach, etc. OMS has comprehensive financial aid and scholarship packages available for qualifying families. Some school districts cover the cost and some insurance companies and/or regional centers cover support services. Please contact Open Mind School for further details regarding tuition and the payment structure.

What does campus life look like at OMS

Open Mind School is a Pre-K to 12th grade year round school. We have mixed grades in each classroom and class size average ten students per class. Content specialists guest teach many core subjects and educational specialists support students full time in the classrooms. We have a 13,000 square foot gym. It's a laid back and fun filled learning environment that is welcoming. The community is our school beyond the classroom walls. We walk across the street to access a state of the art kitchen for culinary arts and construction site for woodworking at Jobtrain. We travel to Redwood Shores by school van for community rec opportunities and aquatics clubs. We go to cafes, parks, libraries, community colleges, museums, and take every opportunity to put the many wonders of the SF Bay area in the regular opportunities for our students. During summer break, you will catch us together at Great America, overnight in Santa Cruz, and traveling with our families and students to continue the learning.

Can I visit Open Mind School?

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 restrictions only virtual tours are available at this time. Prior to COVID-19, OMS ran tours twice a month. The best way to get signed up for a school tour is to fill out the interested family form and request a tour request a tour at

What profile student or family is a match for the school?

Open Mind School is a highly sought after private inclusive K-12 school in the SF Bay Area. Families applying to OMS should be looking for rigorous academic content coupled with practical community skills and innovative opportunities. We seek forward-thinking families who want their children to attend school together in a diverse and innovative environment focused on academics, body movement, and passion projects. Families who are excited about their children being taught by published authors, NASA scientists, and leading experts, will find OMS to be an exciting and passionate learning space. We have a big focus on sensory- motor programs through personal trainers, circus arts professionals, aquatics programs, partnering sports opportunities, gymnastics and occupational therapy. We have a diverse demographic of learners and we apply a universal design for learning, along with accomodations and additional support services for students who benefit from additional push-in services. We encourage diverse applicants and we strongly feel equity can be achieved when there are resources, skills, and desire to impliment best practices. Global citizenship and social impact are at the heart of the school philosophy.

What is the Silicon Valley Social Innovation Lab (SV SIL)?

Silicon Valley Social Innovation Lab (SV SIL) is an incubator for organizations and individuals developing assistive technology. SV SIL focuses on high-quality research on learning by bringing together designers and students to co-create innovations that support the inclusion effort. The lab collaborates on experimental research and design projects with local and international stakeholders. We're focused on three research projects: (1) Virtual Reality for learning skill aquisition in collaboration with ReWire from Moscow (2) Vitrual Science and Math Labs to access remote labs in distance learning in collaboration with CloudLabs from Columbia (3) Assistive Technology and Brain Computer Interface with Augmentative Realisty to support access in collaboration with Cognixion from Santa Barbara + Canada

What is the COVID- 19 update?

San Mateo Health issued closure requirement beginning 3/16 and OMS went to remote learning. OMS opened for 1:1 and dyad summer programs in June for interested families Currently we have plans for on campus learning, hybrid learning, and remote learning models. Our distance learning program offers google suite online google classroom access to all lessons and material including pre recorded lessons available from lead teachers via zoom link, staff office hours via zoom to help with instruction delivery and clarification and virtual regulation support services, consultation and licensed therapists available to support families at regularly scheduled days/times via Zoom, printed material available at parent request to bedropped off + mail to homes, daily school wide assemblies with calendar review, study hall/ work blocks with support staff available to encourage students + scaffold lessons in real time, live teaching classes + social clubs available led by MFT and BCBA, one to one staff available during school hours. School districts, private schools, tutors, and families outside of Open Mind School are encourages and welcome to use any of our curriculum or tools to support their learning and teaching efforts. Please contact Suzi@openmindschool for sign up details and access.