Open Minds is always bustling with inclusive and innovative programs, whether that be research, extracurricular activities, or community building.

Ninja Warrior Training

You can take your child to an indoor rock climbing center, enroll them in a local gymnastics class, sign them up for karate lessons, take them to a zip-line park, get them involved in Parkour OR they can do it all and become a Ninja-Kid Warrior at Open Minds, Silicon Valley.


Open Mind School creates adventures that ignite students' imaginations and incorporate therapeutic and academic goals into a hands-on social environment.

Social Innovation Lab

The Social Innovation Lab collaborates with the developers of educational and assistive technologies to make products and services more inclusive of neurodivergent learners.


Bay Area Divergent Fitness at Open Minds works with gyms, fitness experts, school OT and APE programs to achieve individualized fitness programs for health and wellness.


The afterschool program is a semi-structured forum where students take high interest classes, get homework help, and connect with others meaningfully.

Day Pass

Come and experience a day at Open Mind School. Our day is filled with academics, enrichment and movement based activities along with some outdoor playtime too.