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Open Mind School

Open Mind School pairs evidence based practices, sensory-motor programs, and passion projects to provide a personalized learning experience.

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Campus Life

Open Mind School is a highly sought after private inclusive Pre-K to 12th grade year round school in the SF Bay Area. We seek forward-thinking families desiring an inclusive and innovative environment. The campus is 21,000 square feet, furnished with class, art, music, and sensory rooms. The gym includes a ninja warrior course, rock climbing wall, zipline, workout weights, and rig. The outdoor space includes a renovated deck, sports turf, playground structure, and open tables, chairs, and benches. Our teachers practice Universal Design supplemented with accommodations and push-in support services. Educational and content specialists collaborate to support students in core subjects. Students explore cafes, parks, libraries, community colleges, and museums in the bay area.


Students must be between the ages of 18 months old and 21 years old to apply to OMS. We accept and review applications for new students on a rolling basis throughout the year. September, December, and May are common entry start dates for new students. The number of openings varies depending on the number of students enrolled in the classroom. To get started please visit the age-appropriate enrollment tab under School.


The application process includes:

  • discovery call

  • online application

  • school observation

  • home visit

  • on campus shadow day(s)

  • parent interview

  • current teacher interview

  • comprehensive file review


Grades 1-8 tuition: $45,000/year, year round school program 8:45AM-2:30PM

Pre-K & Kindergarten: $30,000/year round school program 8:30AM-2:30PM

Early learning center tuition: $2500/month, year round school program 8AM-5PM

Additional support services can be added to the basic tuition cost such as speech therapy or social and emotional learning. OMS has comprehensive financial aid and scholarship packages available for qualifying families. School districts, insurance companies, and regional centers may cover the cost of services.


Ace Teaching and Consulting
Animal Assisted Happiness
Sensation Nation
Bay Club
Tutor Corps
Chef Koochooloo
Western Association of Schools and Colleges
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