Open Mind School, Bay Area

Open Mind School is a private K-12 lab school in pursuit of high-quality research on learning. 




Students are passionate learners and we encourage their leadership and partnership in their educational journey. 

That's why when a student wants to take notes by drawing pictures, we hand them a sketchbook. If a student wants to start a small business to raise money for Save the Whales, we put together a team of learning guides to collaborate. And when a student wanted to learn while feeling the calmness of the pool, we printed lesson plans on waterproof paper.

OMS is a community school that holds classes throughout the Bay Area. Our students can be found taking their Robotics class at Microsoft in Palo Alto, swimming at the pools at the Bay Club, hanging at the cafeteria at Menlo College, and learning in a flexible environment that encourages global citizenship and community collaboration.


Content specialists teach grade level instruction and classroom aides team up to support the individual student learning with appropriate support services.


Our classes offer a diverse student population opportunities to participate in a wide range of extracurricular and multicultural activities. Drop in and join the fun!   


OMS partners with camps and community centers around the Bay to give our campers a unique opportunity to join community recreation programs with appropriate support.  


We have crafted a comprehensive distance learning program in response to covid-19. Content specialists teach grade level instruction and  follow California state standards. 


Ace Teaching and Consulting
Animal Assisted Happiness
Bay Club
Chef Koochooloo
Sensation Nation
Tutor Corps
Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Open Mind
Social Innovation Lab

We are a data driven user-experience design lab which specializes incubating accessibility based projects. Placed within our k-12 inclusion school,  projects have access to a diverse group of students practiced in giving valuable feedback and contributions. 


Open Mind Center for Brain & Behavior

We provide an inclusive environment with a focus on meeting the needs of each individual student in homes, community programs, and supporting schools and organizations on accessibility and inclusive environment building.


Special-Fit is based on principles of human movement, human capacity, and physical literacy while taking into consideration individual differences. This includes differences in age, physical thresholds, neurological diversity, behavioral challenges, socio-emotional development, communication and learning styles, motivation, and everything else that makes us unique as human beings.

Bay Area Specialfit