OMS Answers: What are you thankful for?

Updated: Aug 8

Author John Green recently pointed out that the word "together" comes from the verb "to gather." This Thanksgiving, many of us are (safely!) gathering for the first time in quite a while. When I read what Open Mind School is thankful for, 'together' is what stands out. Happy Holidays.

Marina: community, friends, family, risk-takers, and self-advocates

Suzi: family, stable housing, food security, my job, coffee, adult beverages, and date night

Luka: playtime, dino's, fruit snacks, Mommy and Daddy

Marcel: the human capacity for love and adaptation. Our plasticity is such a wonderful quality and something I cherish daily.

Lisa: my health, family, and friends.

Kassie: same. And getting through the last year and a half!

Danielle: family, friends, health, coffee.

Natia: for everything, for life.

Shayna: family, health

Ahleena: my support system.

Caroline: family, health, and security in this time.

Eric: dogs.

Luna: woof.


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