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OMS Answers: What are you thankful for?

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Author John Green recently pointed out that the word "together" comes from the verb "to gather." This Thanksgiving, many of us are (safely!) gathering for the first time in quite a while. When I read what Open Mind School is thankful for, 'together' is what stands out. Happy Holidays.

Marina: community, friends, family, risk-takers, and self-advocates

Suzi: family, stable housing, food security, my job, coffee, adult beverages, and date night

Luka: playtime, dino's, fruit snacks, Mommy and Daddy

Marcel: the human capacity for love and adaptation. Our plasticity is such a wonderful quality and something I cherish daily.

Lisa: my health, family, and friends.

Kassie: same. And getting through the last year and a half!

Danielle: family, friends, health, coffee.

Natia: for everything, for life.

Shayna: family, health

Ahleena: my support system.

Caroline: family, health, and security in this time.

Eric: dogs.

Luna: woof.

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